Производство презентаций, инфографики и продающих VSL роликов

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What we are offering

The secret of any business is accurate adherence to the making process. Together with you we create something new, original and unique

Fill out your creative brief

Tell us about the goals of your project, video requirements and preferences

Concept and idea delvelopment

Based on the brief, we offer multiple creative video concepts and mechanics

Writing a script

We give your complete brief to our scripwriters who will process everything

Script writing



Video production

Getting started on your unique, eye-catching, and well-selling video

Background music

Sound effectts

Additional noises and sound effects

About us

EDISSON PROJECT- Studio of full videoinfographics production cycle. From script to final product.

What we do

Our clients :

We have completed numerous tasks over a few years of work with our clients. Thanks to their helpfulness, together we chose a good business model. We thank our parners for their collaboration and are looking forward to our future projects

Benefits of working with us

Team of professionals

5 top-ranked experts with 5 years of experience enable us to handle videos of any complexity and capacity

Always meet deadlines

On average, a 1-minute long video takes 4 days to create (depending on its complexiy). Our record is 24 hrs. We always make sure deadlines are met and fix them in agreement

Working 24/7

You can place your order whenever works best for you. We work holidays, weekends, and nights if a project is urgent

discounts for repeat customers

Discounts and special conditions for long-term clients

Request price

In order for us to better understand objectives of your projects and calculate budget guidelines, you need to fill out a short brief. We will go through it and contact you to discuss details and further steps.

No time to fill out the brief? Proceed to the short online form below. It will only take 5 minutes of your time. All the details may be discussed on the phone or in person.






Detailed brief

Brief helps us understand the goals and objectives of your project. The more detailed and accurate your briefs are, the easier it's going to be for us to estimate the pricing and deadline as well as for the production kick-off

If you happen to have any brief questions, we are here to help

Video is an effective sales tool

Effectiveness and fast payback period

Stand-alone sales tool that attracts clients 24/7


Will provide your clients all required information on the product in simple terms regardless of its complexity

Dynamics and informativity

Gets attention, stimulates all sense organs and pull on emotions

Call to action

Stimulates emotions to make customers make purchases. Informs about specials. Motivates to learn more about your product